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Would you like to see your own writing or work featured on The Patch Bay? We’re open for submissions! Please read over the general guidelines in my announcement post and get in touch at ethan.gates (at)

Alternatively, have an idea for a topic or tutorial that we could cover? A single burning question that’s always bugged you about [X] video format or [Y] software?

This page’s comments are open for any and all suggestions – as broad or as specific as you like. I’ve certainly got my own ideas for writing or soliciting future posts, but leave a reply and let me know what would YOU like to see covered on The Patch Bay!!

2 thoughts on “Submission Box”

  1. Hey Ethan,

    Any chance you could add some sort of overarching table of contents that would list out all of your posts? I’ve found that some of your older (still golden) posts are a little difficult to locate.

    Thanks! Let’s catch up more soon. Hope you’re doing well.

    1. Hey Ben!

      Yes, I was thinking about this recently as well. At the bare minimum I’d like to make the Category links on the sidebar direct just to a list of post titles, rather than displaying the whole posts – since as you say, it buries older content under my (lengthy 😂) newer stuff.

      I’ll look more into WordPress widgets and plugins and see what I can come up with! Thanks for the suggestion.

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